Bat Guano on the Roof
Bat Guano on the Roof

Does Your Home Have Bat Guano?

Luckily, guano cleanup is part of the job when it comes to bat removal. When you have bats. You have guano, and guano cleanup isn’t as simple as sweeping it up, we use specialized equipment that is designed to remove all material in attic areas. Material such as insulation, bat guano, old debris, and any other item that is in the attic area can all be contaminated. It is highly recommended to get the Guano removed as soon as possible from your home in Lexington County.

Our vacuums are designed to remove all of the contaminants all at once, including contaminates in the insulation. Significantly decreasing the time that our company spends in your contaminated attic. These Vacuums are very expensive, and only companies that do this kind of job on a regular basis can own these machines. Beware of companies that rent these machines, if they are not used to this kind of work, then they are not qualified to perform the job. Unqualified companies could not only leave guano behind, but they could spread it even further in your attic, and possibly your ventilation system creating a dangerous situation for you family.

What Are the Hazards of Bat Guano?

Bat Guano can carry the disease Histoplasmosis which is caused by a fungus in the Guano. Histoplasmosis affects the lungs and gives you mild influenza-type symptoms. However, in large quantities, you can develop high fever, blood abnormalities, pneumonia, and even death.

There are many hazards when extracting bat guano from the attic of a home here in the Chapin area. There is always the possibility of falling. Contractors who are not qualified can fall through the ceiling of your home. This can cause an ugly hole in your ceiling that will need to be repaired by a specialist. It can also cause a  break in the barrier that is shielding your home from the containment that is in your attic. When this happens, your entire home should be cleaned and disinfected. This is an expense you want to avoid!